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Gig Harbor Cleaning Service is available to assist you with your small office, hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant, and home cleaning needs. Shirley Steele has lived and worked in the Gig Harbor area for over 35 years, and can offer many excellent references.

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    "I am pleased to write a letter of reference for Shirley Steele. Shirley has worked as the housekeeper in the President's House of the University of Puget Sound since February, 2003. Our house is frequently used for public events, large and small. Shirley is key in preparing for such events and cleaning up after them. Shirley is a meticulous housekeeper, paying close attention to small details. Shirley always arrives punctually and works tirelessly throughout the day. More than this, she is a pleasure to work with; her good humor and grace are ever-present. We recommend Shirley strongly."
    -- Mary D. Thomas

    "Shirley Steele has worked for me since 1990. She served in a variety of positions at the Cimarron Restaurant, and later as lead housekeeper and laundry manger at the Inn at Gig Harbor. Shirley has been an asset in every position she has filled. She is loyal, hard working, competent and honest. I consider Shirley to be one of the best employees I have had the pleasure of working with. Her attitude and personality have been great for both management and co-workers. If you have the opportunity to employ her, you certainly have added an asset to your staff."
    -- Betty Stewart

    "Shirley has been with us for over a year. We are the pickiest, most meticulous neat freaks that Shirley could have as a client. She has never complained or commented to us about our long list of cleaning tasks, and continues to do an excellent and detailed job. When we comment, even about one speck of dust, she corrects it immediately. Shirley is reliable and trustworthy, never missing a scheduled cleaning. Thank you Shirley for your reliability."
    -- The Neat Freaks at Harbor Press

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